Turning 50 and a Book Launch in 2013 (not in that order!)

I’ve always been a goal setter.  I tend to hold the important goals close in case I fail or turn into a scaredy-pants right when I’m about to try it.  One such goal I made two years ago but didn’t post on my blog.  I did tell it to my husband though.  “If I haven’t published another book by the time I turn 50, I’ll walk away from it and try something else.”

“Like what?” he asked.

I had no answer.  And thank goodness I didn’t actually have to figure it out, since Cooper and Packrat is being launched by Islandport Press just four months before the big birthday. Whew!  That was close!  Because honestly, I don’t think there’s anything else I want to do.

2013 promises to be a fabulous year.   I’m very anxious to start it!

This year, I decided to post all my goals.  And then I’m going to bookmark this page.  It doesn’t matter who reads them and who doesn’t, I’ve put them in a public place and I think it will help me if I keep coming back  to read the list when I feel off track or lost.

2013 GOALS

* Exercise six times a week.  (I might as well get the most obvious one out of the way first)  I’d been doing so well in keeping off the 25 lbs I’d lost . . . until for some reason, with the start of this school year, exercise slid down to the bottom of the must-do-list.   Yet, it’s key to keeping my metabolism up and the weight down.  I want to look good when I turn 50!  And 51.  And 52.  Time to get back on the wagon treadmill daily.  Veggies and Fruit are my friends!

* Find more quality writing time.  Quality is the word to stress here. All too often I squeeze in a little bit of writing time here and there between other things, even though I know I need large chunks of time to make significant progress.  That’s my preferred method of writing.  So the goals are to finish Cooper and Packrat’s second adventure,  begin work on Lillie’s story, send my sci-fi novel out to editors . . .  and a couple of my picture books too.

And THIS is going to help me . . .

Hubby gifted me with this fabulous writing-only-no-camp-work-allowed space for a reason . . .I plan to show him just how much I appreciate it by using it.  A lot.

Read an hour a day – My to-be-read piles grew in 2012, but my reading log was  waaay short of my goal.  Embarrassingly short.   Again, I acknowledge there isn’t much time left after two jobs, exercise and writing.  But there has to be a way!  I’ll find it.

* Marketing myself and Cooper and Packrat – It’s been ten years since The Three Grumpies was released.   A lot has changed in the book world and my marketing file is woefully out of date!

Those who know me well, know standing up to speak in front of a group of adults/children/inanimate objects puts me in the scaredy-pants frame of mind I mentioned earlier.  So the biggest goal here is to take a deep breath and step out of my comfort zone to do some public speaking and also some speaking up!

Other goals are to create new school and library visits, do more frequent blog posts, finish updating my website, develop teacher curriculum guides and find creative ways to get the word out about Cooper.

I know my editor Melissa, and the whole Islandport Staff will be on hand if I need them.   Thank goodness I have them!

* Family Time –  More of it needed, doing fun things.  I realized during the last few months that we only have three short years left with Ben at home.  Gotta make the most of it.

* Hubby Time – David has taken on so many (of what were my) camp and house chores so I can teach and write, such as answering camp phones, meal planning, grocery shopping, Ben’s appointments, and even laundry.  I resolve not to take him for granted.


So, I think that’s it.  When you put it all together, the overall goal here seems to be for me to manage my time more wisely!

With just a little over two hours to go to 2013, I’m raising my glass to wish all of you a bright, happy and safe New Year!  May all your dreams and wishes come true.





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2 Responses to Turning 50 and a Book Launch in 2013 (not in that order!)

  1. mona pease says:

    Happy New Year to you, Tami. You have a great list here-(wish some of that organizing stuff would rub off on me)
    Cogratulations and can’t wait for your book launch. I know several of your friends that will be by your side. So so exciting.
    I’ll see you soon with writing on our minds.
    Let the new year, 2013, ring in with all it’s magic!!!!!!

    • Tamra says:

      Can’t wait to see you too, Mona! Dave and I were just talking about that retreat this morning. I’m really looking forward to it . . . and to maybe even wrapping up the first draft of Cooper’s book 2.

      What are you bringing to work on?

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