Wildlife Gallery

All the photos you see on this website are my own.

It takes a lot of quiet time – hiking the trails, paddling the lake, sitting behind a bush, or even climbing a tree, to find the wildlife I love to write about.

And once I do, I might sit there for an hour or two,

or three,

watching quietly,

snapping hundreds of images,

hoping for the perfect capture.

Of those hundreds of pictures, I may get 6 to 10 great photos. But I gain so much more than that, because monitoring the wildlife is how I research to create stories that are realistic and true ~

So readers like you can feel as if they’re on the lake and trails with Cooper, Packrat and I.

Below are some of my favorite photos from Maine and Sanibel Island, Florida.  Please don’t copy to share or post without permission unless you are a teacher using them within a teaching curriculum.  Students also have my permission to use these photos in their class projects. All I ask is that you keep the photo intact with my copyright information. I use many of these photos within my Descriptive Writing presentation as well.

Be sure to check out the Words and Wildlife Blog for some of my wildlife-stalking adventure stories, such as the summer I monitored a loon family from nesting and hatching, until they flew south for the winter. Or the time I videotaped a snapping turtle fight . . . which in turn ended up a scene in the first chapter of Mystery of the Bear Cub!


Nesting Loon 2013 008 (2)

Nesting Loon 2015 (c) Tamra Wight


Loon and Two Week Old Chick 2015

Loon and Two Week Old Chick 2015

Loon Family 2015

Loon Family 2015


Wings Open Wide



Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Walk Dec 26 (32)

Eagle Nest Approximately 700 lbs


Nesting Eagles 3-25-15 (46)

Bringing Sticks To Add To Nest


Rearranging the Nest


Eagle In Flight

blog Eagles 5-19 036 (2)

Eaglet Triplets



April 27 walk 143 (1280x1010)

Fox Kit

Fox Den 5-14 (22) (1280x852)

Fox Kit Watching Me, Watching Him


Fox Kits Wrestling


Fox Kit noticing me

fox kits 4 4-14

Fox Kit during it’s first weeks

red feeder take2 (41)


Baby Chickadee (27) (1280x853)

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Black Bear Named Red

Black Bear Named Red


Blue Heron


Painted Turtle


Harbor Seals – Casco Bay

Harbor Seals – Casco Bay








Walk Nov full moon (60)

Full Moon Rising Over The Eagle’s Nest

Fall Kayak 9-7 (83)

Painted Turtle

An Adult Fox on my front lawn

The Adult Eagles 2017 – one chick hatched

Barred Owl 2017

Loon and 5 week old chick

Black Bear – Maine Wildlife Park

Loon and Chick

Loon and chick – 2016

Loon and chick at feeding time – 2016

Black Bear at the Maine Wildlife Park

Nesting Loon


Heron 9-13 (5)

Sun Rise Over The Lake




Red Squirrel

pileated woodpecker (28)

Pileated Woodpecker


Pelican – Sanibel Island


Pelican with Lunch – Sanibel Island


Pelican and Seagull – Sanibel Island

A Black Bear at the Maine Wildlife Park

Black Bears like the water, and they will take their cubs to it while they are still young.

Black Bear Named Red

Both of these bears are considered Black Bears. You can tell based on the tan color of their snout. Black Bears can be any color, from blond to black.


Snapping Turtle

Garter Snake

Wild Rabbit – Sanibel Island, FL
Alligator – Sanibel Island, FL
Iquana – Sanibel Island, FL
Sea Turtle – Sanibel Island, FL
Snowy Egret With Lunch ~ Sanibel Island, FL
Barred Owl ~ Poland, ME
Barred Owl ~ Turner, ME
Barred Owl ~ Turner, ME
Barred Owl ~ Poland, ME
Great Horned Owlets ~ Poland, ME
Great Horned Owlet ~ Poland, ME
Harbor Seal and Pup ~ Casco Bay, ME
Harbor Seal ~ Casco Bay, ME
Harbor Seal ~ Casco Bay, ME
Harbor Seals ~ Casco Bay, ME
Twin Fawns ~ Turner, ME