We Have Eaglets!


How do I know?

eagles feeding 010 (1186x786)

Nothing says ‘babies are in the nest’, like a pair of doting parents.  I just happened to catch one of the adults wing into the aerie with a fish in its talons.  After dropping supper into the nest, the parents fed their little ones.

eagles feeding 032 (1280x855)

It’ll be another week or two before we’ll see the eaglets as they aren’t yet strong enough to  hold their heads and bodies up to peek over the side.  The nest is much deeper than it looks.

eagles feeding 043 (1280x853)

eagles feeding 068 (1280x853)


eagles feeding 161 (1280x852)


eagles feeding 168 (1280x851)

In the last ten years, they’ve had two surviving eaglets for all but three of them.  Two of those, yielded one eaglet.

Last year though . . . last year was our banner year.  It was the year of the triplets. And all three survived!  (click the eagle tag on the right to see photos)

I’d say these are very, very good parents, indeed.


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  1. Edward Smith says:

    This is almost as good as being there to watch.


    Maybe one of these days we will actually have Spring. Down here its cold, damp and almost always windy.

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