The Loons Arrive!

I was working on another Cooper and Packrat story when I came to a stand still . . .

stuck . . .

wordless . . .

so I set out for the hiking trail and the lake to find my inner Cooper.  Halfway there, I saw black skies in the distance.  The wind picked up.  There was a dampness in the air. So I went home.

An hour later the sun came out, so I tried again.  Lakeside, this was the view . . .

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 001 (853x1280)

Someone else had her eye on the clouds too . . .

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 003 (596x395)

I managed to snap a few pictures before it started sprinkling again. My camera in a plastic trash bag, I ran home for the second time.

An hour later, I trudged to the lake yet again, shaking my head in wonder at my determination to get there. This time I took a different route to snap a picture of the eagle from over by our beaver hut. It gives you a really good look at how the nest is built and how it’s grown.

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 021 (1134x758)

I’m not sure, but I believe the eggs haven’t hatched yet, by the way she’s still sitting on the nest.  I think she’d be perched on the edge if the little ones had arrived.  Any day now . . . any day.

Another patch of gray clouds loomed in the distance.  I began to pack up and walk back.

A few steps later, I turned for one last look at my eagle and there, just off its island, I saw this.

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 040 (1215x810)

My loons!  They were back.

Gray skies had returned, but I only had eyes for them.

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 058 (1280x852)

They fished . . . and preened and dove . . .

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 061 (1280x851)

And they were together.  Sigh.

Walk Apr 14 loons arrive 066 (1280x854)

I’m looking forward to documenting their 2013 summer as I wait for Cooper and Packrat to be released.

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2 Responses to The Loons Arrive!

  1. Edward Smith says:

    The Eagles nest really has some hefty size branches / sticks in it’s makeup. Nice shots! We drove by on 26 last weekend and saw all the water. It’s a wonder you could get to the beaver hut area.

    Have you been able to tell the Male from the Female loons at all?

  2. Tamra says:


    Those eagles are still adding to the nest! They certainly do drag some huge branches up there.

    It’s really hard to tell a male from a female loon. The male is usually slightly larger than the female, so in the last photo, I would say the male is in the foreground. Another way to tell, is only the male yodels.

    I haven’t seen them since I took those photos, but it has been super windy down at the lake this week. White-cap windy! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were hanging out in a cove somewhere. Plus, we’ve been working like crazy on redoing the registration area, so I haven’t taken as many walks as I’d like. Hopefully I’ll get more time down there over the weekend.

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