The Eagle’s Are Expecting!


You might miss it, if you didn’t know what you were looking for.  At first, even I thought no one was on the nest.

But there she was, just the top of her white head showing on this glorious day  . . .

Eagles 3-8 nesting (51)

The Eagle’s are expecting!

The lake was crazy busy today with an ice fishing derby down by the state park.  The eagle stayed put on her eggs, even though four wheelers and snowmobiles circled her island.  And in spite of the ice fishermen who had set up directly under the nest. (I’m suspecting they didn’t know she was there, considering the side of the island they were on)

Her mate, roosting in a nearby tree, was a little more restless, however.

Eagles 3-8 nesting (11)

Eagles 3-8 nesting (14)


Eagles 3-8 nesting (17)




Eagles 3-8 nesting (8)

It IS quite early for them to be sitting on their eggs.  Do they know something we don’t?  Can we hope that it means an early spring is on the way?

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