Soaring Eagles


I may be done officially researching eagles for Mystery of the Eagle’s Nest, since we’re down to the last of the edits. But I can’t help myself, they still draw me lakeside.

Because watching an eagle soar is a most wondrous sight.


They do it so effortlessly . . .

They look so free . . .


Circling above the lake soundlessly, eying the fisherman’s catch, riding the wind,




. . . watching them fills me with awe.

When these eagles take flight, all eyes on the lake turn upward.


Today, I watched as she came in for a landing on the nest.  When I’d first gotten to the lake, I was worried to see no adult on it, as she’d been sitting there for hours just days before.

AND I’d told everyone on this blog.  And Facebook.  And the campground blog too.  And the Campground Facebook page.



I held my breath as she walked along the tree branch  .  . . were there eggs or weren’t there?


She stopped to look down into the nest several times. It gave me hope.


After poking her beak into the nest once, twice, three times, she hopped into the nest and  settled back down onto her eggs.


Whew!  We’re nesting. I didn’t fib.

These photos were taken before the big snow, wind, ice storm Wednesday night.  My relief over knowing they were definitely nesting was replaced with worry. The eggs were on my mind for most of the last few days.  After my meeting was done today, I trudged down to the lake to find her sitting on the them, only the tip of her head showing.

I shouldn’t have doubted her.  She IS the Queen of the skies, after all.


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2 Responses to Soaring Eagles

  1. Scott Campbell says:

    Awsome pictures Tami that’s great news about the eagles I will continue to follow their progress here on your site and the campgrounds they are so beautiful I will miss taking pictures of them this summer.

    • Tamra says:

      We’re going to miss having you, Scott! Who’ll keep me posted on what’s happening on the lake in July and August? 😉

      I’m hoping to get lakeside today.

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