Letters From Ms. Conley’s Class – Poland


A couple weeks back, I visited Poland Community School to talk to students in K-6. This school holds a special place in my heart, because my two children attended school there.  Many of the students had fabulous questions and connections, some of them camp with me during the summer, some I met for the very first time.


All of them were super, duper nice!  I felt like a rock star.

Just this week, I received a packet of letters from Ms. Conley’s class. Oh, how I loved reading them!!


A few of the letters urged me to write about snakes.  I have jotted this down in my Idea Book . . . can’t you see Cooper and Packrat with one?  I can!

Some other suggestions were for me to write about owls, and dogs.  Hmmmmm- I think Ms. Conley’s students are on to something here!


I love the many pictures they drew, too!

13319804_10209712782314143_931817961139471651_n 13346696_10209712782114138_2587248512824941219_n

A huge THANK YOU to Ms. Conley’s class!  You’ve made my day a little brighter with your lovely notes!

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