The Foxes Are Back!

As I headed to the trail cam last Wednesday, I heard a scurry-type sound in the bushes. Two of them actually.  I didn’t think anything of it; probably a mouse or a bird, I thought.

Instead, I saw a fox kit crouching low.

I crouched too.

Then I backed up slowly, slowly, and sat high on a banking looking down.

The little fox kit surprised me. He didn’t run back for the den. He didn’t hide. He continued to root around the tall grasses and piles of dead branches that had been left behind after the landowner did some tree cutting.

Every now and then, the kit would look at me.

Right in the eye.

Fox Den June 1 (47)

When I didn’t move, he’d go back to rooting around.

Fox Den June 1 (48)

He ate grass and found little caterpillars . . .

Fox Den June 1 (67)

And while I don’t have images of it, I suspect he ate them for lunch.

Fox Den June 1 (70)

I never did make it to the trail cam. I didn’t want to upset his home . . . or his backyard, so to speak.  I sure hope they stick around for a little bit though.

I like knowing they’re here.

Fox Den June 1 (71)

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