Meeting Readers

One of the best things about being an author, with a campground, who writes about kids who live and work in a campground . . .

is that I get to meet my readers right in the midst of my inspiration for the series.


I love to talk to them about how I found the foxes that very first time, and how it was the inspiration for Chapter 1 in Missing Fox.  I love to tell them where they might see a loon on the lake or the eagles feeding on a fish.

Last week, my godsons came to visit. They asked if there were any hiking trails. I told them that if they went to the back of the playing field, they’d find a trail. . . .

a red-blazed trail.

Their eyes got wide.

“Just like in the book,” I added.

They took off running.

If you’re a reader and you come to Poland Spring Campground, please be sure to ask for me.

I’d love to meet you, too.  And sign your books.




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