Cedar Waxwing’s Prize

While kayaking last week, this Cedar Waxwing flew in over my head to land in a nearby tree.  I quickly realized, he had his sights on a prize.



He checked it out and checked it out . . . flying all around it.


Then he tried to take a piece or two.

IMG_5086 IMG_5087

He tried to fly away with it several times, but it was wound too tight around the tree. He kept falling back against the tree when it wouldn’t let go. I was so worried about him, I didn’t get pictures of that.

He worked at it for quite some time . . .


but in the end, he had to leave without it.

Some birds like to add string, as well as cat and dog hair, to their nests. When I brush my pets, I leave the clumps of hair from the brush, tucked in a nearby bush on my front lawn.  Try it, and see what types of birds come by to pick it up!

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