More Great Horned Owlet Photos


After the second owlet branched from their nesting spot, we lost sight of them for awhile. My campers would stop by the office to ask, “Have you seen them? Are they okay?” To which I had no sure answer.

Until quite by accident, I stumbled across them in the most unlikely place – on a dead tree on the very edge of the lake!


Through tree branches, I watched and took photos.


They watched me, too.

Once, a large raptor flew overhead and I could tell the minute one of the owlets saw it.


I pointed my camera upward just in time to catch a glimpse of an osprey.  For the thousandth time, I wondered why on earth these young owlets, who could barely fly, were in such an open, exposed area.


When the danger passed, they went back to taking turns napping again.


The next day, they were gone yet again. Deeper into the forest this time, one of my employees tells me.   Thank goodness!  I’m not too sure I like the look that osprey was giving them!

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