Winter Birding

For my birthday, I didn’t ask for jewels or a fancy dinner out. I asked for a trail camera.  I just had to see what the Poland Spring Campground wildlife was doing when they thought I wasn’t stalking them with my camera.

Dave and I found the perfect spot to set it up this past Sunday.  The weather was so gorgeous, we decided to continue down to the point, hoping to see our eagles.  Cookie bounded ahead of us, never quite out of sight.  At one point she startled a flock of (what I believe were) mallards.

I think they startled her too, because she ran right back to me.

Once on the point, we could see the eagle nest stood empty, but I think a few more sticks have been added. I’m very much looking forward to getting more pictures this coming spring with my new, super-duper lens.

Ben gave me a stabilizing pole for my birthday.  It attaches to the bottom of my camera in much the same way a tripod does, but it’s quicker and easier to use. When I have the big lens attached, it’s heavy to hold and my hand tends to shake after a bit.  Sometimes, when I’m out for a couple hours, my arm aches the next day.  I’m not complaining, mind you!

I noticed my long distance pictures were a little clearer.

Geese hanging out by the State Park end of the lake


Flock of ducks just off the golf course

These Hooded Mergansers had been quite elusive these last few months, but I was about to get my chance.   Four pair were feeding half way across the lake . . .

This time it wasn’t Cookie, but two pair of hikers at the State Park who sent these beautiful birds soaring . . .

I’ll check the trail camera Wednesday or Thursday.  Through the winter and early spring, I hope to capture pics of the deer, turkey and beaver who move into the campground after the campers move out.

Has anyone out there had any unusual bird sightings this fall or winter?  You might just find me on your doorstep!



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4 Responses to Winter Birding

  1. mona pease says:

    So Tam, what do you mean, trail camera? Is it one of those little surveillance cameras, or one to tuck in your pocket? I know that long lens of yours is big and heavy. I wondered how you held it and snapped a picture, though they come out beautiful. My camera is playing tricks and I’ve charged up the old one for back-up. Mine is giving me an error message after 6 or 8 snaps. It may be ready to play out, but I’m not quite ready to shop for a new one….uggghhhh!
    Hey, did you see my blog this week? There’s a few things on there-none of my pics this time.

    • Tamra says:

      Yes, it’s a camera you leave outside on the trail and it’s motion activated. This one can take video if I want it to. I’m really excited to see what it picks up. I’ve been warned though, that it could take a few placements before I find the right height and place. I’ll be sure to post as soon as I get anything!

      Are you talking about the blog post with the wreaths and the picture book dummies on Powerpoint. I think that’s a fabulous idea, have you tried it yet?

      Mona, I just can’t picture you without a camera! Maybe you need to ask Santa for one . . .

  2. Scott & Ann Campbell says:

    Great pictures Tami still getting use to my new camera bought a couple books to read about it but learning a lot by just taking pictures

    • Tamra says:

      That’s how I’m learning too. Poor Dave explains F-stops and aperture and depth of focus . . . I just go out, point and shoot. ;0)

      We did capture a picture of a fox and a beaver on the trail camera. They’re black and gray from being taken at night, but they’re kind of cool. I’ll post them as soon as I can.

      Hope you’re both doing well! Happy Holidays!

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