The Triplets are Growing by Leaps and Bounds!

The lake was pretty choppy today, but it didn’t stop me from kayaking out to find the loons.  I’m still a little worried about them, and I’d feel better if I saw them with a baby.

Alas, I never did find the loon family.   I saw one for half a second.  But it dove and I never saw it come back up.

I love how they do that.

I saw the triplets though.  And WOW!  They’ve grown so much!

One of them kept opening his wings wide while his siblings watched, not quite brave enough to let the wicked wind lift them into the air.

He hopped up and down, back and forth across the nest fearlessly.

I wanted to yell at him and tell him to hunker down like his siblings.  Was he crazy???  The wind could grab him . . . throw him off the nest . . . into the lake!  He might break a wing, or a leg.   Did he know how high up he was???

Apparently, he did.

Then I realized he was spreading his wings, so to speak, and it wouldn’t be too long before he started branching.  And after that, flying.  This was no longer a “baby” eagle.  He’s a middle schooler!


They grow up so fast, don’t they?

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4 Responses to The Triplets are Growing by Leaps and Bounds!

  1. Jen casey says:

    Michelle and I saw mom, dad and baby loon today. We watched them for about 30 minutes. They were down past the State Park.

    • Tamra says:

      REALLY!! You have no idea, how you’ve made my day!!
      That’s so cool!
      I kayaked down to that end, but never saw them. The one adult I did see, seemed to be acting a little different and I couldn’t help but wonder if Mom and chick were around somewhere. Did you get any pictures?

  2. jen Casey says:

    No good pictures. I only had my phone with me and it has a horrible zoom. I will bring my camera with me next time.

    • Tamra says:

      That’s okay, it’s enough to know the little one survived all the rain and the eagle.

      A friend of mine saw one adult sitting on the nest last weekend, before the rains. I went down last Sunday afternoon to find the parents distraught and the nest under water. To make matters worse, the eagle kept circling them and the the one baby. It was interesting to watch the adult “charge” across the top of the water toward the eagle, but sad too.

      Thanks so much for the update! So far, you’re the only one to have seen them. ;0)

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