Juvenile Blue Heron

Whew, it’s been awhile since I posted, but Cooper’s second adventure needed to be written in spite of a busy campground and school starting. Every spare minute went to his and Packrat’s story.   I’m happy to report it’s done.

Okay, it’s not totally done.  The first draft is done.  Before I dig into the many revisions to come, and while it’s being read by a keen eye for feedback, I finally got a chance to take my camera on the trails.

I’d been itching to go since I’d had a wildlife tip from one of my young campers, “Where were you all day, Tami!” he’d said, early Sunday morning.  “It was RIGHT THERE!”

The blue heron he was talking about wasn’t quite “right there” by the time I got lakeside.  I followed the trail, in hopes of seeing something, anything.  But then I stumbled upon him wading silently amongst the lily pads . . .

Great Blue Heron 078

I quickly crouched down to hide behind a small bush.  He’d seen me though, and we stayed still, staring at each other for at least ten minutes.  Him measuring me.  Me willing him to stay put long enough to take a couple pictures.

Great Blue Heron 106

Great Blue Heron 114

Stay, he did.

Great Blue Heron 128

Great Blue Heron 143

He even started preening, feather by feather.

Great Blue Heron 152

I took over two hundred photos of this gorgeous juvenile heron.

Great Blue Heron 166

Great Blue Heron 196

When I had enough, I thanked him quietly.  Then we both left.

Great Blue Heron 226

Great Blue Heron 231


I hope I meet him again sometime.

Great Blue Heron 179


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4 Responses to Juvenile Blue Heron

  1. Sondra Nix says:

    Thank you for your photos and story. Beautiful pictures and gently written words. I found your image and story while searching for images to help me determine whether the visitor we have is a juvenile Great Blue or Small Blue Heron… Not 100%, but I think it’s a Great Blue.
    Again, I appreciate your time and work.
    (200 photos!! Now I feel better about shooting 20 or so for one image!!) :O)

  2. Robert Metzger says:

    We are looking for a picture of the great blue heron to put it on a t-shirt related to Ernest Hemingway. We are wondering if we can use one of yours.

    Thank you for you consideration.


    Bob Metzger

    • Tamra says:

      Bob, could I have a little more information? Do you have an on-line shop or is this a personal venture? Is there a link I can look at?

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