Eagles Caught in the Act


On the way home, I saw an eagle soaring over the treetops.  So I took my camera and trudged down to the lake. (on a side note, I’m so ready for spring, I couldn’t bear to put the snowshoes on)

I saw one solitary eagle standing guard.

Eagles mating 3-8 008 (1280x855)

Finally!  I thought to myself as I took shot after shot of him, surveying his kingdom.

The wind was so strong down on the point, I stood behind a tree to keep it from pushing me around.

Suddenly, the second adult showed up .  . .

Eagles mating 3-8 044 (1280x853)

Which I learned later was the male.

Eagles mating 3-8 045 (1280x853)

He fluffed the nest for awhile as the female looked on.  Imagine that!  A man who cleans!

Eagles mating 3-8 058 (1280x853)

He then flew up to the branch on the right.  He preened and he preened and he preened.

He called out.

And then he made his move.

Eagles mating 3-8 143 (1280x851)

Eagles mating 3-8 139 (1100x734)

(This is where we fade to black to let them have their privacy . . . )

I sure wish it had been a sunnier day. And I’d used a lower ISO.   The pictures would have been much clearer for cropping.  But still, I’m glad I can pinpoint the day they mated.

Because I now know it will be 5 to 10 days until they lay their eggs.

Eagles mating 3-8 186 (1280x853)

And 35 days or so later that the eaglets will be born.

Eagles mating 3-8 199 (1134x757)

Which means we’ll see their little gray heads bobbing up and down in the nest early May!

Eagles mating 3-8 213 (1280x852)





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5 Responses to Eagles Caught in the Act

  1. Edward Smith says:

    You are so fortunate to have this in your back yard. And much more fortunate to have been able to witness “Nature”. Hope everything works out well for them and you. Keep up the good photography.

    • Tamra says:

      Thank you, Ed! Every year I hold my breath until they nest . . . and every year I feel grateful to have another season observing them. The loons too!
      We’re looking forward to seeing you in August!

  2. Alycia says:

    That is way cool! I think my favorite pic looks like they are cuddling. 🙂

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