Gray New Gloucester’s School Visit

GNG Middle School Rocks!

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I met with Mrs. Hodge and Mrs. Carbonneau’s classes a few weeks ago.  They  are taking part in Maine Botanical Gardens’ conservation program, and  Cooper and Packrat fit in nicely with it.

I brought my descriptive language presentation, as it ties in with the reading portion of the grant.  Using passages from Cooper and Packrat along with photos from the up-close-hands-on-research which inspired them, I showed the difference between “telling” the reader something and “showing”.  We practiced ‘how to describe’, using Packrat’s Coat game. then took some boring ‘ol sentences and jazzed them up.

What an imaginative, creative class they were!

Afterward, I was presented with illustrations and notes inspired from their classroom reading.

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This past summer, our loons nested twice, but each time the eggs didn’t hatch.  I think the cold, heavy rain was to blame, and I always feel badly for the loons when this happens.   I used those feelings in my writing so you would connect with the loons too.

By the way, I’m hoping for two babies next year!

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Loon illustration gifts are always such a treat. I love the red eye detail.

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What a perfect entrance sign for Wilder Family Campground!

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I wanted that s’more scene to be perfect, so I made a vow.  Even if I had to eat two hundred and fifty two s’mores in the name of research,  so every word could be perfectly placed, and my readers would feel like they were eating those ooey-gooey marshmallow-y treats themselves,  well . . . then . . . . I’d make that sacrifice.

It was worth every bite.

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This sign made me smile!

GNG Visit  (15)

Such a sad loon . . . this illustration has a picture book feel to it. Very clever!

GNG Visit  (16)

The picture above and the two below brought me right back to any given night in July or August. The smell of the wood smoke, and the crackle of sparks.  Scary stories being told as marshmallows are twirled near the campfire’s orange yellow flames.  And when you least expect it, you hear the wail of the loon.

GNG Visit  (17)

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I hear Mrs. Hodge’s students were quite upset with her for leaving them with Chapter 22’s cliffhanger ending last Friday.  And right before a long weekend too!  Oh, the horror!  How could she do that to you???

Keep up the great work, Mrs. Hodge and Mrs. Carbonneau’s classes!




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