I <3 Blank Pages

The kids at school were grumbling about having to come up with new writing ideas all the time.  Some of them find it hard, even with a writing prompt.  I understand what they’re saying, but oh, how I love starting a brand new manuscript!   So many choices to make.  So many paths the character could take.  What is their fatal flaw, their positive trait, their setting? Who are their friends?  Their enemies?

What is their greatest *want* in life?

One specific choice can take your story flowing to the left, while another can take it right.

Some nights, I sit in front of the computer doing nothing but surfing for a photo of what I imagine my character looks like.  Mostly, I find myself completely, utterly, happily  lost in a sea research for what will be the theme of the story.  That’s my favorite part of pre-writing.

I actually have two ideas percolating right now.  The contemporary idea is developed enough that I’ve begun to write a scene here and there as I sketch out the final details.  The other is still in the planning/research stage, another sci-fi adventure.  This is exactly where I wanted to be, at this time of the year.  Our campground phone is ringing more and more every day.   Opening weekend is already booked solid!

After that, I won’t find many large chunks of time to write, which is my favorite kind.  But  small chunks of time are perfect for research, writing a scene here and a scene there, basically getting my feet wet in the project.  Come next September, I’ll be able to take off  with one or both ideas!


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