Our Eagles are Nesting!

I went to the lake yesterday, but came back a little sad.

Usually by now, our eagles are nesting. Yet there was no sign of them with the naked eye, or through the telephoto lens.  My campers have been asking and I hated to pass on bad news yet again.  I didn’t even bother to download the photos I’d taken.

I trudged back down to the lakefront again today, Cookie in tow.  A lone ice fisherman stood a few yards from the eagle’s island. As he pulled his sled off to another fishing hole, I heard an eagle cry from well off to the right by the beaver hut.

And suddenly, my day got a little brighter.

Mama eagle poked her head up

She’s laid her eggs!

*happy dance*

I raced home to edit my pictures and wasn’t I surprise to see, when I cropped yesterday’s photo, to see this

Did you find her?  Just a touch to the right of the center of the nest?  She was there the whole time.

I just needed to have a little faith.

And I’m going to take that thought with me into this next week.



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