My Feet In The Lake In March – Gotta Be A First!

Not only did I wear my flip flops today, but I waded into the lake too. Temperatures here in Maine  hovered in the 80’s for a few days in a row now.  Mud season has come and gone a full month ahead of schedule.  Moths flutter around my porch light, my windows are open at 9pm and a few peepers can be heard in the distance.

The lake water was still pretty cold, icy even.  I’d worked up a slight sweat walking down to the water, so I didn’t mind.  It was so warm, the nesting eagle sat on the edge of her nest.  I’m sure the eggs were warm enough in the sun. Hopefully not too warm.

Across the lake, I spied the other eagle, sitting on a log in the water.  He seemed to be eating something, or perhaps preening . . . taking a bath?

In the distance, I saw a pair of loons diving.

I was in heaven!  And I remember thinking to myself;

Wow, what an awesome day.  It can’t get any better than this.

And then I witnessed this:

The eagle parents switching places!  It all happened in a matter of seconds, so I’m glad I had my camera trained on the nest to catch it.

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