Snowshoe Season Has Begun

Ice Storm '13 30 103 (1024x683)

Over vacation, snowshoe season began.  Cookie and I blazed a trail through the campground woods and along the lake’s edge. But we weren’t the first to cut a path through the newly fallen snow.

Ice Storm '13 30 157 (533x800) (2)

The fox had been through before us.  He followed our hiking trail and circled the frozen over muskrat hut a couple times.  I saw no signs that he’d caught anything though.


Ice Storm '13 30 148 (800x533)

And of course, I aimed my camera everywhere . . .

Ice Storm '13 037 (790x1024)



Ice Storm '13 30 012 (800x571)

Chickadee with a seed from the feeder


Ice Storm '13 20 092 (800x572)



Ice Storm '13 20 073

Raven slipping on icy branches


ice storm '13 10 090 (572x800)

Downy Woodpecker



ice storm '13 10 056 (800x571)

Blue Jay


Ice Storm '13 30 037 (800x572)

Tufted Titmouse


With snow in the forecast again, I’m looking forward to more snowshoeing over the coming weekend!


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  1. Patience Mason says:

    Oh! I want to buy a bunch of tufted titmouse cards for next Christmas.

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