Fox Sighting

The trail camera snapped a couple great photos of the fox . . .


I’m going to try to use a higher resolution on it next week to get clearer photos.

This cutie looks very  healthy, doesn’t he?  With all the spring-time love in the air, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll get lucky and see some cubs.  It seems that March is the cubbing season, and the female relies on the male to bring her food.  This might be why I’ve only been seeing one fox in each photo.

In April, the cubs venture out for the first time.  So I believe I’ll leave the trail camera right where it is for the next few months, just in case. I’ll keep you posted on any new news!

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4 Responses to Fox Sighting

  1. Katharine M Casey says:


    • Tamra says:

      The fox wandered into the maintenance area this morning, and Dave took some great pics out the back window. I put the them on Facebook today, and will get them on the blog soon.

  2. Lisa Dixon says:

    After hanging out with you at the Pond yesterday. I drove by 5 kits and a mom. They may of been the fox kits you told me about. I just thought I would tell you all of them look healthy but one kit has a laceration over his right eye and his right eye is completely closed shut other than that they are all playing and behaving spunky, biting tails, chasing bugs, chewing on natures toys.. Mom was watching them from the top of the hill and the five I saw were hanging around there holes.. Think they may of been the ones you have been watching Tammy as these guys were near the main road as I was leaving the area last night…

    • Tamra says:

      Ooooo! If I remember correctly, you’re putting in your kayak on the opposite side of the lake from our fox family. How cool that you’ve seen another family of five! You have the best luck finding wildlife! Did you get photos? I’ll have to go look . . .

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