On the Lake, Late One Afternoon

It’s been a couple weeks since I made the time, but I finally got out on the lake again.

Loons 6-24 271

I didn’t go far, as there was the threat of a thundershower.  But as it turns out, I didn’t have to go far.  I wasn’t on the water more than ten minutes, when I came across an Eastern Phoebe . . .

kayaking 724 023a

He posed and posed for me . . .

kayaking 724 025a

So gorgeous.

Now the real reason I had headed out on the lake, or specifically into the cove, was to catch some pictures of the beavers.  All my campers tell me all the time how they see them working or swimming or hear them slap their tails in warning.

I never have.  Not in the 20 years I’d been kayaking Lower Range.

So I sat amongst the lily pads and quietly waited.

The eaglet hollered from his nest.  Now I know he can fly off to other parts of the lake, as my campers have seen him do it.  He’s just being a teen and insisting Mom and Dad come to feed him.

birds 6-30 009b

He got his wish in the form of a big fish dropped at his feet. And I chuckled to think of how I myself will give in sometimes, when my kids beg long enough.

Then I saw a bird I’d never seen before.  It cackled loudly from its perch on the tree over the beaver hut. I didn’t get a good photo of it there as it was so far away (even with my long lens), but it had a poofy crest on it’s head when sitting.

kayaking 724 067

kayaking 724 060a


And the crest flattened as it took flight, swooping and diving into the water for fish . . . so interesting to watch!

It was a Belted Kingfisher!

Then I heard a different call from behind me; the osprey.  And I remember thinking what a fabulous fishing spot I stumbled upon!

kayaking 724 070

kayaking 724 080


kayaking 724 096

Sadly, he didn’t dive for his supper in front of me like the Kingfisher.  I couldn’t complaing though, as these are the best osprey photos I’ve gotten so far this summer.

I snapped some more pictures and here and there as I sat in the back corner of the cove.

Loon 6-19 047


Loons 6-22 003

kayaking 724 066

And then, finally, I saw it.

kayaking 724 055

A beaver glided through the water right in front of me. He was so quiet, I almost didn’t see him at all, and only snapped three photos before he disappeared into the grasses.

I waited a little longer, until the wind had shifted and the leaves on the trees at the golf course turned.  A sure sign a storm is on the way, my grandmother would have said.

I’m already planning my next visit to the cove.  Beavers and Kingfishers are on my short list of amazing photos that must be captured!

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  1. mona pease says:

    Beautiful photos…jealous, and you know it! Can’t wait to see you….soon, baby, soon!

    • Tamra says:

      I can’t wait to see you either, Mona!! I’m so looking forward to spending time with you. Come to the launch early, okay?

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