It was Family Day, but we couldn’t leave to find adventure first thing in the morning like we always do because the pool needed testing . . . our truck needed to be towed to the local garage . . . and the weather report was funky.

So I sulked and sipped coffee while hubby took care of a few details.

But then, Ben’s friend said, “Hey.  I didn’t know hummingbirds sat for so long.”


Hummingbird 7-28 107b

I ran to the window and sure enough, a hummingbird sat on the branch of my honeysuckle bush.

“Well, I’ll go get my camera, but I’m sure he’ll be gone before I get back, ” I grumbled.

Hummingbird 7-28 113

To my surprise, he was still there when I returned. So I snapped a few photos through the window.

Hummingbird 7-28 106

He posed and posed.

“These won’t come out the greatest, because I’m taking them through the window,” I declared.  “Dirty windows.”

Hummingbird 7-28 077

Hummingbird 7-28 074

“I’m gonna open the front door and try to get pics from outside.” I sighed.  “But he’ll probably fly away the minute I crack it open.”

Hummingbird 7-28 175b

Hummingbird 7-28 176b

Hummingbird 7-28 178

Hummingbird 7-28 183

As you can see, he didn’t fly away.  I captured some amazing photos, even through my dirty windows and my gray mood.  If I’d planned to sit on the front lawn to capture this amazing little bird, I would have failed. I should have remembered that things happen for a reason.  If the brakes on the truck hadn’t of gone on a Sunday when the garage wasn’t open, if David had forgotten to test the pool, if the weather had been gorgeous . . . .  we would have been on the road hours before this brave hummingbird came to my front window.

Half an hour later my son called across the driveway to me from the front of the office.  “Mom! You’ve taken like 2,000 photos!”

Trust in the universe.

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