This afternoon, I set out to feed and trim my flowers . . .

And look who I found living  in my garden!

He’s an awfully big frog in a teeny, tiny pond.

I can’t figure out how he got here.  We’re quite a ways from the lake and it’s all uphill.

Then again, he has everything he needs in my garden. Some running water,

a nice rock to sun himself on . . .

This one is a male. I can tell, because his eardrums are larger than his eyes.


and plenty of food.  I read that bullfrogs will eat almost anything!  Insects, small mammals, frogs (even other bullfrogs!) crayfish, worms, baby birds, and minnows, to name a few.

I sure hope he sticks around for a little while.

I think Oscar’s kind of cute.  Don’t you?


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