A Favorite Animal Character?

Some of you may remember how goofy I’d gotten over the bullfrog who moved into my garden this summer.

I took tons of pictures as he posed on the rocks.  I looked for him everyday while watering the plants. I even found myself talking to him.  Some of the young campers started coming into the office either in a panic because they didn’t see him on his perch . . . or they came in to report seeing him swimming-sunbathing-hopping-hiding.

Well, this is why I was so in love with that frog;  Cooper has a frog.  A three legged frog to be exact!

illustrated by Carl DiRocco

Talk about fate!  When I wrote Cooper and Packrat, I’d never had a frog in my garden.  Oh, we’d rescued a few from the pool and seen them at the lake, of course.  I’d had tons of spring peepers climb the house to eat bugs under my porch light, too.  But a garden frog?  No.

I lost track of my frog somewhere around the end of August when I started school.  I wonder if he sensed summer was at an end and he needed a better place to winter? I’d like to think so.

So tell me, do you have a favorite animal character from the pages of a book?  An animal sidekick?  A main character?   What made them special to you?


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