What Did That Fox Just Eat???

Through my trail cam and photos, I have watched foxes eat many things . . .

As I snapped this photos series of of this adorable kit, I sat high on a hill above, quite a distance away with my long lens. It wandered through the woods, sniffing here and digging there.

It wasn’t until I was home editing the photos, that I saw this cool image below of the fox nose to nose with a caterpillar! I remember gasping and thinking, “How cute!” Visions of picture book ideas about a fox and a caterpillar being friends, danced through my imagination!

But then, THIS photo popped up next!

He ate it! But I”m not sure he liked it!

I’ve watched an adult fox walk through the woods . . .

Dig under the leaves, and retrieve a cache of food she’d hidden weeks before.

I’ve even watched kits play with a dead mouse their mom left for them.

But I have NEVER seen a fox catch a quick lunch of snake before!

Video taken by my shed – April 30th (the date on the cam was incorrect!)

Foxes can run 30 miles an hour and are very stealthy! They hear and see very well in the dark. That makes them good hunters. And thank goodness they are, because they have small stomachs, so they eat many small meals a day.

Foxes prefer mice, rabbits, squirrels and other small mammals, but they’ll eat bugs, birds and lizards, too. And if they live near your home, they might eat left out dog food or go after your chickens. But these aren’t their first choices.

Writing Prompt:

Using the fox and caterpillar photos above, write a story about them!

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