Painted Turtles

On one of my last kayaking trips, before the weather turned so chilly again, I happened upon a turtle haven.  Soooooo many turtles had ventured out of the lake to sun themselves on logs and muddy banks.


There had to be at least 30 of them!  They were quite comical, too.   Whenever a large bird flew overhead, they all just fell in the lake.  Two minutes later, I’d see little heads poke out of the water . . .

then I’d see plants swaying back and forth as they slowly made their way back into the sun.

A couple of the turtles had some really strange sunbathing poses:

No matter how this guy waved his legs and tried, he did NOT get off the log the first two times the others felt danger and fell in the lake.

And neither did this guy!

Turtle butt!

Thank goodness there wasn’t a fox or a raccoon or a heron nearby . . .

Or an eagle . . .

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