More Muskrat Photos




I braved the cold today to check on the muskrats.  Luckily, I had hand warmers, because it took about twenty minutes before I heard one moving around in and out of the bushes on the shoreline.  Finally, it scooted into some branches further off shore where I could see him.

Kind of.

Muskrat 11-23 024

I hit the button to take several photos, when he stopped nibbling, went still and listened.

Muskrat 11-23 027

You have to wonder, was he thinking, “Don’t tell me the stalker is back again!”

I snapped a couple more photos and he looked right at me.



Muskrat 11-23 028

I snapped a couple more and whoosh . . .

Muskrat 11-23 029

he was gone.

I did get a very good look at his tail though, and all doubts over whether he was a small beaver or a muskrat are gone.  The tail was rat like.

Muskrat it is!

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