Looking For Spring

Nature Meme Challenge!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking for Spring in every nook and cranny. This year, it seems so much more important to find the signs.

Whether I walk my backyard, hike a trail or kayak, I always have my trusty camera with its long lens for long distance pictures, and my phone for close ups.

I’ve looked in my backyard . . .

Crocus are poking out of my garden
My robins have returned!

I’ve walked up and down my street . . .

The ice is starting to melt
Mallards are pairing up

I’ve gone to a local hiking trail . . .

Brook Sounds
Eagles are bringing sticks to their nests

With every sign of Spring I find, I get more and more excited, thinking of how our backyards and neighborhoods will change over the coming days and weeks this April.

Warmer weather. Budding leaves. Baby birds. Orioles after oranges. Loons returning,

fox kits emerging from their dens,

and eagles laying their eggs.

With every new discovery, I click-click-click the shutter on my camera, all the while hearing a song in my heart and words in my head.

Hmmmmm . .. why don’t we put them together?!!

Aaaaaaand . . . we can put them together for Earth Day!

I challenge you to get out this weekend and to take pictures of the signs of Spring in your yard or neighborhood. It can be new growth, flowers blooming, a beautiful sunset or sunrise. Wildlife! Anything that tells you, it’s spring! Then pair that picture (or pictures) with a nature quote that fits!

~ OR ~

Take your favorite quote and go find a picture that fits!

The beauty of this challenge, is there is no wrong way to do it. Nor is there a wrong “answer”. This is what YOU think Spring is, being creative, telling the WORLD what Earth Day means to you.

Here’s mine!

A couple little hints:

  • Try to choose a font that goes along with the theme of your photo. I tried to find one that looked like flying. I used black instead of white so it didn’t take away from the eagle image.
  • Try not to let the font take over the photo. Sometimes it can be too big or busy.
  • I think text boxes that are clear, so they don’t jump out of the photo, are best. BUT sometimes a box that is slightly opaque can add a lot, too.

Let your imagination soar!!!

Ha! Pun intended, there.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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2 Responses to Looking For Spring

  1. Aiva says:

    I have a question what is the most challenging and the most fun of being a teacher and or a writer.

  2. Tamra says:

    Hello Aiva!

    The most challenging of both being a writer and a teacher is trying to be creative when you “aren’t feeling it”, but you have to get the job done. For example, I have a contract to write Cooper and Packrat’s 5th adventure. But I don’t always feel like writing every day. I have to find a way to move forward in my story anyway. I can always go back and rewrite.

    The most rewarding part of each job? That’s easy! It’s connecting with students like you! I really enjoy talking to you, seeing how your day is going, finding out what you are reading and why. Thank you for checking in, Aiva!

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