Eastern Phoebe Siblings

Writing Prompt

This wildlife photo series or Eastern Phoebe chicks, begging for a meal, is one of my personal favorites. The expressions on their little faces makes me laugh every time!

Phoebes sit on a perch, waiting for flying insects to wander by. Then they’ll snatch the insect from the air and take it to feed their little ones.

Watch as all four of these chicks (who’ve just left the nest) beg Mom for the food she’s brought . . .

The chick on the far right is sooooo eager, one of his “feet” slide off the branch!

Not only does he get fed, but it seems as if he’s eaten everything she brought . . .

Because she flies away for more food.

Uh-oh. Somebody’s brothers and sisters aren’t too happy . . . especially the one on the far left!

What a look!

Can you finish this story? What happens next?

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2 Responses to Eastern Phoebe Siblings

  1. Zander L.W. says:

    Very funny!!!!!!!!!! I liked the Bird all the way on the left because he looked like he was waiting his turn

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