And The Fox Kit Research Begins

Fox kits 4-17

I went to the fox den today, just thinking I’d be collecting the SD card from the trail cam.  But I didn’t get that far.  Once I saw these adorable kits outside the den entrance, I knew I had to keep my distance.

fox kits 4 4-14

I set up my camera and extended the lens. I itched to get closer, but resisted the urge. Two very young kits lay in the opening, curled around each other, soaking up a sunbeam.

I never *sneak* in to see them, quite the opposite in fact.  I let my hiking boots crunch and snap twigs so they know I’m coming and have the opportunity to hide.

These two didn’t scramble away though. They just peeked in my direction through sleepy lids . . .

fox kit 3 4-14

Stumbled around a bit on wobbly legs .  . .

Fox kit 2  4-14

Curled up together again, and fell back asleep.


I fox kit 5 4-14

I never did collect that SD card, as I would have had to take another seven giant steps in their direction.  Why disturb their nap in the sunshine?

The card can wait. I got what I needed for today.


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5 Responses to And The Fox Kit Research Begins

  1. Scott Campbell says:

    Those are so awesome Tami great pictures

  2. Celia says:

    Lucky you! Will Cooper and Packrat have an adventure with fox kits? 😉

    • Tamra says:

      Book two is about Eagles and book three is definitely about fox kits! I was going to use bears, until I found this den. It seemed like a sign. I just took some great photos of fox kits yesterday. I posted them on my facebook page, friend me. 😉

  3. Celia says:

    Looking forward to books 2 and 3!

    Mary Holland of Naturally Curious’s blog ( sometimes posts about the kits near her house in New England, and she’s recently written a children’s book called Ferdinand Fox’s First Summer. Both are great. As is her book called Naturally Curious.

    Enjoy your research!

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