Ashley: A Media Sensation

After my Maine Author Day booth at the Maine Wildlife Park was packed up last Saturday, I couldn’t resist going behind the scenes with a photographer pass to see this little media sensation up close and personal. Meet Ashley (park name for her), the orphaned moose whose adorable video went viral last month.

A huge shout out to Curt Johnson, who patiently answered all my questions about Ashley and how she came to be there, in spite of it being a busy time at the park for a photographer pass.

Ashley is doing well. Please know though, that raising a moose calf isn’t easy, as they have very specific dietary needs. Getting her through the summer is their main goal right now. What was most fun to watch, was her interaction with the fawns in the pen behind her. Curt tells me they are great friends!

Sadly, I’d forgotten my short lens, and had to make due with the 500mm in a small space. But I’m hoping to get back there to try again. And oh, what a hardship that would be . . . she’s just so darn precious!

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