Loons Preparing for Winter

Like most of you, I took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine and warm temps this weekend . . . .


sneaking out of the office and out of my writing duties to get on the lake both mornings.  Sunday morning, I managed to push off shore at 6:30am and the view looked like this.



As I meandered through the cove next to our swimming area, I heard the soft hoot of a loon on the other side of the eagle’s island.  They were still here!

I paddled silently to find two of them, swimming around each other, hooting and fishing. Before I had a chance to raise my camera, one took off down the lake, circled above us, then flew off to another location.

The one remaining, looked at me curiously.

Fall Kayak 9-27  (122)

Fall Kayak 9-27  (112)

Fall Kayak 9-27  (135)

I remember the first time I saw a fall loon, with its white face and neck.  I thought it was sick. Or old.

Of course, it’s neither.  They are simply  molting, getting rid of worn and frayed feathers so they can grow stronger, new feathers.

Fall Kayak 9-27  (141)

This is why we see them preening so much in August.  These new feathers will keep them warm in the cold ocean waters, where they will spend the winter.

Fall Kayak 9-27  (180)

Fall Kayak 9-27  (187)

Oh, how I’ll hate to see them go . ..

Fall Kayak 9-27  (206)

Fall Kayak 9-27  (96)


But at least I have the thousand photos I took of them, while they were here, to help pass the time until they come back next May.

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