Spring Fling Writing Contest 2023

I was browsing Twitter when I stumbled across a writing contest with a 150 word limit . . . that’s right ~ a complete story in 150 words or less.

I immediately thought of my seventh and eighth grade writing club. I could create a similar challenge for them for one of our lunch meetings! But I knew I needed to model it myself before asking them to give it try. Me? Limited to 150 words? It’d be a challenge for sure!

I can’t wait to share it with my Whittier Writers!

Thank you Kaitlyn and Ciara! This middle grade author had fun with your word count challenge, and learning how to create a gif from my wildlife photography!

Hatching Day

A loon sits on a bowl-shaped nest by the water,

keeping watch for danger.  

Eagles fly overhead.

Ravens call nearby.  

Curious humans boat too close.  

The loon sits firm, her partner on the water nearby.

I paddle out every day, checking on the pair and their two olive-colored eggs.

Never too close. Just close enough to see.

Today is day twenty-eight. Hatching day!  

But when I round the corner of their island,

the nest sits empty.


Oh no! The tremelo call!

I paddle faster! 

And there behind the island are the parents, one chick between.  

Only one?


My eyes lift to find an eagle preening on a branch above.

Did it already snatch a newly hatched chick?

“Go away!” I cry. “Get breakfast elsewhere!”

The eagle eyes me regally before flying off.  

But wait!  Now there’s two chicks!

One was hiding under its mother’s wing all along!

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