Breakfast For Little Kingbirds

While kayaking early one morning, I spied this Kingbird sitting at the top of a tree.

I raised my camera to capture it’s profile against the dark blue sky, when suddenly, it took flight, swooping to a nearby nest.  Sitting so low on the water, I couldn’t see inside. And I just HAD to see inside.

Paddling back up the shoreline, I found a spot where I could pull my kayak up on land. Pushing through tall blueberry bushes, I made my way up a banking until I could look down upon it. Focusing through branches and leaves, I was so pleased to see  . . .

little beaks.  One, two, three.

Mama checked each one . . .

then flew off.

They settled down in their home.   And I waited. And waited. And waited. The loons came by. The eaglet called out .  I was just about to leave, when one little chick raised its head high.

When it opened its beak, I knew it sensed a parent nearby.

Two beaks showed themselves.  I focused my camera . . .

And suddenly, Mom was back! With a huge dragonfly!

She stuffed it in the lucky chick’s beak . . .

But it didn’t fit!  She pulled the dragonfly back, and I felt so sad for the little one who had his meal and lost it in less than a minute.

But I needn’t have worried, she tried again . . .

And this time he took it!

I think this “you-doubted-me?” look, was meant for me

Inch by inch, that little one slowly swallowed the dragonfly . . .

until there was nothing left!  Where on earth did he put it?

I wasn’t able to get back to the nest for nine days, and sadly, they were already gone. I hope these little three made it!


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