And Winner Of The Giveaway Is . . .

Today, I took all the names, of all the teachers and librarians who entered the contest, and brought them to my classroom.  Mrs. Shanning was nice enough to let me hijack some of our Writing Block time so our students could help me choose the winner of the Cooper and Packrat Classroom Package.

First, I explained what the contest was all about  – why a paperback is so important and why authors celebrate the release of it.  They enjoyed reading all the entries from teachers and librarians; laughing at the antics of monkeys and skunks, marveling over the descriptions of moose, fox and bear being seen up close and personal.

Then we took our Star Writer-of-the-day and gave her a Packrat-like  vest-of-many-pockets. Pockets on the outside. Pockets on the inside.  Pockets on the backs and sides.


Then we took all the folded up entries and shook them up in chest.


One by one, each of our nine students picked a random name, unknown to them, and put it in a pocket of the vest.


And Shannon too . . .


And the students gave a drum roll . ..


As the Star Writer, pulled a name from one of the pockets.


She unfolded it . . .

Aaaaaaand .  . .

The winner is . . . .


Lori Hannon-Theaker!!  Librarian Specialist at Perryville Elementary School!

From Islandport Press and I, Congratulations Lori!!

I truly enjoyed each and every story, telling them over and over again to anyone who’d listen. Thank you all so much for sharing!!


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