The Eagles Have Been Busy

The adult eagles are on and off the nest, bringing food to their two eaglets.  They’re never very far away, keeping watch, keeping their little ones safe.


Look at the difference in the talons in these next two pictures. Aren’t they amazing?


So how do they manage to keep from harming their own chicks.  By curling them, when they walk on the nest themselves.


Feeding the eaglets is a full time job right now!


Every time I go lakeside, I can hear them crying for attention.


I bet the poor parents are tired!

The view from the back side of the nest isn’t as clear as from the front.


Especially since the eagles have done some rearranging and seem to be moving large sticks to that side as the eaglets get bigger.



Even after all these years, I still manage to record a new-to-me behavior!  They’re amazing creatures!  Graceful in flight. Great parents. Strong builders.

IMG_5260 IMG_5281

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to study them year round, and to use that research in Mystery of the Eagle’s Nest, as well as sharing my nature adventures with campers and readers all over New England.


I can’t wait to see what eagle adventures I witness this coming summer!

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