Anxiously Awaiting My 2013 Loons

With the sun beaming down and the birds chirping away, how could I resist taking another walk today?  Especially since I was inside all weekend at a camping show . . .

My eagles are still patiently sitting on the nest.    Another week should put us close to the 35th day of incubation and we’ll see signs of eaglets!

Spring Walk Apr 8th 009 (1049x700)


I’ve also been able to capture several waterfowl with the new lens!

A pair of mallards . . .

Spring Walk Apr 8th 038 (1181x791)

Geese with a black duck . . .

WaterFowl Apr 1 010 (953x634)


Geese in flight . . .

WaterFowl Apr 1 019 (1280x854)

An osprey hovering in mid-air is such a sight to see!  I wish the day had been sunnier to capture his colors.  I haven’t watched one of these fish since the eagles took over their nest way back in . . . . the late 90’s, I think it was.

WaterFowl Apr 1 031 (1234x825)

And even a flock of Ring Necked ducks.

WaterFowl Apr 1 044 (1277x849)

But no loons yet.  Now that the ice-out has happened, they’ll be here any day.  And somehow, what with Cooper and Packrat being published this year, their arrival will be all the sweeter.

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3 Responses to Anxiously Awaiting My 2013 Loons

  1. Edward Smith says:

    Awesome pictures yet again. That lens is really working out very well for you. The Canadians look like they are flying over a frozen lake.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Tamra says:

      Thank *you* for reading! 😉 Those geese were flying from one open water spot to another. The lake is ice free now. I keep looking for my loons . . .

      • Edward Smith says:

        The loons probably have a better reading on the weather than the Weathermen. They’ll be back soon.

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