The Eaglets Are Here, The Eaglets Are Here!

A quick post today, as we’re frantically trying to get the campground ready to open on May 1st.  The late winter weather has put us behind schedule a little bit, which is kind of funny, because Cooper’s third adventure opens very similarly!

But you know me, I can’t resist a walk on a beautiful day.  Especially when a friend comes to visit.

Linda and I were lakeside watching the eagles when I saw one little gray fuzzball moving up and down.  Then a wing, then the head again.

I snapped picture after picture, not really sure if I was getting anything or not.

But I did!

Eaglets 4-25   (50a)

Eaglets 4-25   (36b)

Eaglets 4-25   (15a)

I hoped there were two, so I kept my camera lens trained on the nest.  But after 15 or 20 minutes I said to Linda, “I guess there’s only one.  Or only one strong enough to lift his head high enough.  Let’s -”

The eagle shifted in the nest.  And I saw it.

Eaglets 4-25   (100a)


Two gray fuzzballs.  Yet, how could I be sure the second one wasn’t a wing?

Eaglets 4-25   (87a)


Because she fed it!

Eaglets 4-25   (82a)

Year after year I monitor the eagles and watch their behavior.  I love watching them feed and care for their little ones.  This is the nest that inspired Mystery of the Eagles Nest.

Eaglets 4-21  (1)

Isn’t it impressive?

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