Put My Kayak Away? Never!

Okay, maybe when that white fluffy stuff starts to fall . . . then I’ll put it away.

But for now, I’m still finding warm, sunny days to paddle around to my heart’s content.

There’s something soothing about being on the lake all alone.

The wind rustling the leaves . . .

the water lapping at the shoreline.

There’s still spots of color here and there, too.  When the sunlight hits them just right, it explodes and catches your eye from across the lake.

I only had my big lens with me this time, hoping to catch some signs of wildlife.

I scored . . .

The heron was across the lake from me.  He was kind of skittish though – I’d only paddled a quarter of the way across to get a liiiii-ttle bit closer, when he took flight.

When I continued on my way,  I came across one of the adult eagles.

He too, took off when he saw me coming.


I admit it.  I didn’t take a shower before heading out that morning, but really!

This little guy let me take a couple photos though. It was the ONLY turtle I saw sunning himself, which surprised me a little.

I’ve been eagerly watching the weather and it looks like I’ll get another chance to go out Thursday or Friday. And I have it on good authority the geese have been stopping by on their way south. *rubs hands together gleefully*


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