Loon Update: Something Doesn’t Add Up, Or Does It?

With this big lens of mine, I’ve been able to keep track of our loons better than I ever have.

Back on April 29th, I happened to see them mate.  I counted out the days and marked my calendar for chicks somewhere around May 30th.

The very first nesting picture I took was May 18th . . . a not-so-great photo, but it shows exactly where the nest was.

Compare Loon Nest May 18 038

And here we are on June 24th.

Compare Loon Nest 6-24 008

© 2013 Tamra Wight


IF I happened to catch the loon when she was first on the nest,(which seems odd they’d go that long between mating and nesting)  this would be day 40, ten days after the incubation period.  I began to wonder if she was sitting on a non-viable egg.

But look again and tell me if you see, what I see:

The water level is lower, which would be normal, except for all this rain we’ve been having the last week.

Her nest is more level.

In all my pictures around June 24th, the leaning tree is directly behind her.

The neighbors report having seen two eggs early on and thought perhaps an eagle or raven had gotten to one of them, when I told them I had proof of only one egg on the 24th.

Loons 6-24 189a

© 2013 Tamra Wight


So . . . maybe this is wishful thinking, but Dave and I have a theory.  We believe the first nest flooded again in May, as it did last year.  Or something got to the eggs.  Or they rolled off.  At any rate, they were lost and no one saw it happen, or even suspected it because the loons went on to re-nest, in almost the same exact spot.

We think they’re getting a second chance at having a family, with this one egg.


Loons 6-24 244a_edited-1


Which is very ironic, considering Cooper and Packrat is all about re-nesting and second chances, too.

Loons 6-24 080a

© 2013 Tamra Wight

I will continue to keep tabs, ever hopeful this pair will raise another adorable chick in 2013.

Loons 6-24 166a

© 2013 Tamra Wight

Loons 6-24 168a

© 2013 Tamra Wight


Loons 6-24 133a_edited-1

© 2013 Tamra Wight


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4 Responses to Loon Update: Something Doesn’t Add Up, Or Does It?

  1. Judy Mammay says:

    Hopefully you are right and they have renested…we have similar situations here with the sandhill cranes not producing viable eggs…or our cold snap prevented them from hatching…or they lose the babies within a week to predators. Then they renest, too, close to the old nest. So what is your best guess on a date now?

    • Tamra says:

      By my photos, it seems the same tilted nest was used up to 5/22. After that Memorial Day was upon us and I was busy running the campground. I didn’t get back on the lake until 6/3 . . . those pictures are fuzzy too (cloudy day and very, very windy!) but the nest looks taller and more level. So my guess is anytime now! I’ll get out as often as I can to check . . .

  2. Judy Mammay says:

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful, by the way!

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