Looking UP

Early one March a few years ago, I was lake side, moaning and groaning out loud to Cookie because I hadn’t seen the eagles working on their nest or mating yet.  I was so afraid we’d lost one over the winter.   Or they’d found a better spot.  Cookie sat patiently, listening.  Eventually, I noticed she kept looking up into the trees.  I followed her gaze, only to find one of the adult eagles on a branch above my head!  He gave me a *silly-human!* look before flying off.

Ever since then, I make sure to look up during my hikes through the woods.  Otherwise I might miss gorgeous finds like this sleeping fellow:

owl 4

I froze in my tracks when I saw him, all thoughts of fox dens forgotten.

owl 3

After a few clicks of the shutter, he opened his eyes and fixed them on me. I stayed as still as I could while snapping photo after photo.  The sun dipped below the tree tops, just over his shoulder.  My fingers were freezing.

owl 2

Owl 5


Eventually, he had enough of my gawking, and flew off into the woods for some peace and quiet.

Owl 7

I just love surprises!!

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