Cooper and Packrat’s Poland, Maine Celebration


I’m such a lucky author.  Not only can I boast of having fabulous camping friends and customers.   But I live and work in the most amazing community ever!  For weeks now, students, community members and colleagues from RSU 16 have cheered for Cooper and Packrat’s release.  People I don’t even know, have congratulated me on the street.

This past week, our principal declared Thursday, September 19th, Tami Wight Day.  (I still turn red whenever I think of it!)   A challenge was put forth for staff and students to dress in “camp clothes” or in loon colors.   What fun we had with that!

And on Thursday night, my colleagues put together the most precious Cooper and Packrat celebration . . .

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The ambiance was set with shrubs, mums, and a kayak on loan from Shaker Hill Nursery on Route 26.  Tents were borrowed from teaching friends.  And voila!, we had a camping atmosphere!

There was a Meet The Author station, with the help of Mrs. Ustach’s students.  They interviewed me during the school day, asking amazing questions, and then created this board which I can now take to ALL my signings.  One of my favorite questions . . .

“If you could be a Super Hero, what would you be?”

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Of course, we had book sales . . .

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The s’more smorgasbord was a hit!  As were the craft tables.  Carl DiRocco had left behind some blank book covers for the kids to create their own illustrations.  You can see several of the artists work on my Facebook page.  You could create your own loon or do a Cooper and Packrat word search.

And of course, I had plenty of time to chat with some of my favorite people!

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Soon enough, Mr. Vincent was introducing me (more blushing involved) and it was time for my favorite part of a signing/celebration.

I got to read aloud.

Chapter One.

And this time, I read with my wildlife and campground photographs displayed behind me.

BWM book celeb  (14) (1024x682)\ BWM book celeb  (15) (1024x683)


While I read,  many attendees followed along in their newly purchased books.  Although not ALL of them did it in style, like this young man!

BWM book celeb  (17) (1024x683)

It was a great turnout!  I met new people, saw some old friends and was able to connect with some of the students who were already reading Cooper and Packrat in their RSU 16 classrooms.

BWM book celeb  (22) (1024x682)

We also raffled off some Cooper and Packrat books, as well as a loon statue.  To close the night though, Ms. Purdy, our BMW and PRHS librarian, had a special contest.

A loon calling contest!

I wish I had photos for you, but to be honest, my husband was  sooooo caught up in practicing his own loon call, that he forgot to take pictures!   What a fun time we had, though!

I started to list everyone who’d helped, but was afraid I’d forget someone in the process. So let me just give a huge thank you to the staff and friends at RSU 16 who helped to make it possible.

Cooper, Packrat and I thank  you for an extraordinary night . . .



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  1. Judy Joy says:

    You should be so proud. I know I am to say that my niece is a published author of two wonderful children’s books. Hold your head high!

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