A Huge Thank You to Ms. McPherson’s Class


A few weeks ago, I visited Ms. McPherson’s class in Buxton, Maine.  I gave them a presentation on descriptive writing, showed them how I research to get all the little details just right, and we played a game to illustrate why it’s so important in the stories we write and share.

The students gave *me*  amazing Thank You letters and illustrations inspired by Cooper and Packrat.

Buxton thank you 5 (600x800)

I love the rainy day details, and the soft hoot of the loon from off page

Buxton thank you 6 (800x600)

Why, yes!  I AM going to write more!  Mystery of the Eagle’s Nest will be out next August. A draft of it is sitting on my editors desk right now.

Buxton thank you 7 (800x598)

Where do I write these books?  Good question!  And one I don’t think I answered while I visited.  I write anywhere and everywhere I can! Sometimes in the backyard in the summer, hotel rooms (if I’m on the road), the living room if it’s quiet, in school with my students.  But mostly, at my desk, in my house . . .

20131102_093324-1 (378x640)

Buxton thank you 8 (800x531)

Isn’t this adorable?  An origami loon.

Buxton thank you 9 (600x800)

I love books too!  I have piles of them in the house and have been known to sneak up to 10 books in my suitcase when we go on vacation.

Buxton thank you 10 (543x800)

” . . . nature, wildlife, friendship and family”.  Exactly!  That’s Cooper and Packrat in a nutshell.

Buxton thank you 11 (800x599)


I LOVE loons!  There are photos on my bathroom wall.  Statues sit on my desk.  Carl DiRocco’s lovely art hangs on my office wall. A giant loon photo hangs behind the campground registration desk.  I have a loon bedspread AND a loon cookie jar.

I’m a little loon crazy.

IBuxton thank you 12 (800x634)

(Don’t you love how the loons are looking at the questions?)

Other outdoor books?  Have you read Hoot by Carl Hiaasen? It’s all about kids who save owls.  Or how about Touch Blue, by Cindy Lord, which is about Maine Island life and lobstering.

I HAVE seen loon chicks, and they are the most adorable things!  Sadly, our loons didn’t have babies last year, so I wasn’t able to take  photos personally, but here’s one taken by a camper friend of mine . . .

Joyce's Loons 2011 003a

Buxton thank you 4 (547x800)

The feelings came from deep down inside, which is why I don’t have a favorite character.  It’s kind of like asking a Mom which of her kids she loves best.  We love them all!

And yes, even Mr. Beakman, um, I mean, Mr. Bakeman.

Buxton thank you 3 (561x800)

Thank YOU for reading and studying Mystery on Pine Lake . . .

Happy Reading!


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