Under the Shed: Mystery Solved!

Just a couple days ago, I had begun a blog post to report out that whatever had been digging at the base of our shed, had stopped.

For the last couple weeks the trail camera picked up video after video of birds and squirrels foraging. And squirrels and birds. Gray squirrels. Red Squirrels.  In fact, those darn Red Squirrels got into the shed and taking a roll of paper towels, they strewed them everywhere!  It almost looked like they’d TP’d the place.  Which was a little comical, honestly.

So when the temperatures warmed up on Monday, I decided the coast was clear to pull some chairs from the shed to put on the porch.  My first Spring action!   After locking the shed back up again, I grabbed the memory card from the trail cam and went back in the house.

Later that night, I sat at my computer to watch what I thought would be more squirrel and bird footage.

Instead, I sat with my mouth hanging open when I found this . . .

Now, I find myself hoping I didn’t scare them off already!  I have two trail cameras aimed at that shed, and every finger and toe crossed that I can cross.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have some kit pictures as they emerge from the den for the first time???  Okay, I know I already did that, but it doesn’t get old. Ever.

Or Mom and kit photos?   Happy sigh!

Or . .. dare I suggest it .. . a live fox cam!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  First we have to determine if they’re going to stay after I tromped all over the inside of the shed, lecturing the squirrels on cleaning up their “room”.

More to come . . .

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