And The Loons?

When I went out on Mother’s Day to check on the eagle family, I also did a paddle-by of all the loon’s favorite nesting spots.  I can’t put into words how disappointed and surprised I was not to see one, or even the traces of one, being built.   The loons had arrived somewhere around April 20th.  Why weren’t they on a nest by now?  They were last year.  And the year before that.

Or had they nested and failed already?  It was a good possibility.  I hadn’t been able to get out in the kayak before now due to high winds and very cold temps.  It was anybody’s guess.

Later into the kayak ride, I watched the pair come down the lake, diving and preening together.

Loon Nest Building 5-13 (10)

Loon Nest Building 5-13 (11)

I admit, I really want chick pictures!  Cute, little, gray fluffball photos.  You know, to go along with Cooper and Packrat’s story, and to put on the big screen at school visits, which will make all the students say, “Awwwwww!”

It made me sad to think they might not nest, especially after having had no success with two nesting attempts last summer.

Then yesterday, as I was getting more eaglet photos, I heard their wail off the other side of our point.  Through my lens, I saw the pair floating slowly along their usual nesting area.  They were twice the distance away from me that the eagles were, and I knew from experience I wouldn’t capture clear photos. I wasn’t that good of a photographer. But using my lens like a pair of binoculars, I followed their progress.

They floated along together, separated, then came together again. They dove. They climbed up on land, and at first I thought they were adding to a nest site, but then I realized, they were mating.  Within minutes, they were back in the water, continuing on their way.

My heart soared at the thought of chicks!

After school the next day, I quickly checked in with my camp reservations clerk for any problems or messages, then grabbed my kayak key and paddle.   When I reached the shoreline, I stopped in my tracks.  White caps.  The wind was fiercer here than up by the office.  Waves rolled right to left in front of me without end.  The kayak would rock like crazy!  No optimal stabilizing whats-a-ma-jig in the camera was going to keep my images from blurring.

But through my lens, I saw a loon on the edge of the shoreline across the lake from me.

I took a deep breath, unlocked the kayak and muttered to myself the whole time I dragged it to the water’s edge.  So what if I didn’t get photos?  I’d still have visual confirmation they’d picked a nesting spot.  Or maybe I’d catch the pair mating again.

Oh heck. I’d just missed watching them over the last few cold winter months.  I *needed* to see them.

I dug the paddle deeply into the water on my left, then my right.  The kayak rocked back and forth just like I thought it would.  And not a gentle, baby-cradle-kind of rock either.  Good thing I wasn’t the seasick type.

When I reached the point where I knew the wind would push me past the loon, I rested my paddle in front of me to raise my lens.

Here was something I hadn’t witnessed before!

She was building her nest.

Loon Nest Building 5-13 (29)

Loon Nest Building 5-13 (28)

She dipped her head in the water to grab grasses with her beak, then tucked them into the banking behind her.

Loon Nest Building 5-13 (37)

And then, before my eyes, she climbed up on it.

Loon Nest Building 5-13 (24)


Loon Nest Building 5-13 (22)

And so our journey of the loon family begins!  Fingers crossed that they’re successful this year.

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6 Responses to And The Loons?

  1. Patience Mason says:

    Wonderful pictures. Try not digging your paddle deep. You get more power and more control if it is shallower. Seems wrong, but it works.

  2. Celia says:

    I was just popping in to say hi – I had no idea I’d be checking on mating and nesting loons. Lovely! Great photos.

    I’m a children’s librarian in Kobe, Japan and am currently on page 75 of Cooper & Packrat’s Mystery on Pine Lake – I’m loving it! I’m also counting down the days until I’m on a lake in Ontario, hoping to catch sight of a loon chick or two this summer.

    I’ll keep checking your site for updates on the loons. Fingers crossed that there’ll be some little ones this summer!



    • Tamra says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Cooper and Packrat! You can be sure I’ll be posting often about the loons. If you click on the loon tag, you can read about their sad story from last summer.

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