And The Winner Is . . .

Today was the day Mrs. Shanning and I had set aside for our students to vote.

Not for their favorite ice cream.

Not even for Class President!

But for something waaaaay more important . . .

to choose the winners of the Cooper and Packrat Book Trailer Contest!

Mrs. Shanning and I went over the expectations first, reminding our students of their own book trailer projects  and keynote presentations; the work, thoughtful creativity and time that goes into getting just the right images and messages across, without having too long a video.

And of course, it had to be original and fun!

Then we reviewed the rules about copyrighted material, making sure to ask permission if need be, listing sources, and making sure the entries had the author, illustrator and publisher’s name within them.


Then we watched.




And watched again.


Our students then voted. And I must say, many of them said it was a very, very hard decision. Each and every entry was amazing in its own way. Having made book trailers themselves, they knew the hard work and thoughtfulness that went into them.  Bravo!!!

Now . . .


Without further ado . ..


Here are our winners!


Drum Roll Please!!




Third Place -(There was a tie!)

Mrs. Richard’s Group 2 and Group 3

4th grade students at Rumford Elementary School

Rumford, Maine

3rd Prize: A wildlife calendar signed by the author (to each group)



Second Place

Mrs. Richard’s Group 1

4th grade students at Rumford Elementary School

Rumford, Maine.

2nd Prize: 1 copy of Mystery of the Missing Fox
and a wildlife calendar signed by the author



First Place

Mrs. Graffam’s 4th grade class

Hebron Station School, Hebron, Maine

1st Prize: A classroom set (15 copies) of Mystery of the Missing Fox
and a wildlife calendar signed by the author


Congratulations to all the winners from me, Mrs. Shanning, and our 7th and 8th grade students!

Now excuse me, as I go back to watch them all again!


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2 Responses to And The Winner Is . . .

  1. Mona Pease says:

    Oh my gosh, these are amazing!!! Congratulations to all the winning classes. The thought and time you put into making these trailers shine. Good job, kids and your advisors!!!!!

    • Tamra says:

      I just love them so much, Mona! They really did a great job, and all during “testing season”. One of the teachers said the project was a welcome distraction from it.

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