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I ran an all day, every day,  recreation program in our campground for 20 plus years. Now I’m a teaching assistant in a Special Education, all inclusive classroom at Whittier Middle School in Poland.  I have always loved working, speaking with, and teaching children of all ages.

If you have a specific need, I’m open to developing a new program, as long as time allows.


All Day School Visits

**These presentations meet core curriculum guidelines.


Descriptive Words Matter!

For Grades 3 – 8.  Can be geared for older or younger students as well. 

Using the hands-on research behind Cooper and Packrat, my wildlife photography, and a game called, What’s in Packrat’s Coat, I demonstrate why descriptive words are so important to every story. Showing, not telling, is key to getting readers to imagine your story the way you intend them to. Finding and using descriptive words can be fun!

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All day school visits would consist of the following:

  • No more than four sessions -or- three sessions and lunch with students
  • I will bring a laptop and projector.  The school would agree to provide extra extension cords, a presentation table, a screen to project on, and a microphone if needed.

Rates for Maine schools and libraries: $850.00  within two hours of Poland, Maine.  Outside of two hours, add $50.00 and possibly a hotel stay.

Rates for schools and libraries outside of Maine:  $950.00 within two hours of Poland, Maine.  If two to four hours away, add $50, and possibly a hotel stay.  More than four hours, add flight fees as well.



Mini- Presentations

I also enjoy speaking at after-school Literacy events, summer camps, book groups or  library audiences.  Choose from the above presentation, or one of the following wildlife presentations:


The Inspiration  Behind Cooper and Packrat

I spent many hours on the trails and waters of Lower Range Pond with my camera while writing and editing the Cooper and Packrat series. I was lucky enough to witness nature at its finest and you’ll find those images transformed into the pages of Mystery of Pine Lake Mystery of the Eagle’s Nest,  Mystery of the Missing Fox and Mystery of the Bear Cub.   Using my experiences and photos, I’ll show the inspiration and tell behind-the-scenes stories from my hands-on research.

Photos include loon behavior, campground scenes, fox kit and eaglet photos –  all taken in my backyard!




Loon Watch: The Summer I Monitored a Loon Family

During the Summer of 2016, I was fortunate to be able to monitor a loon family from their first failed nesting, through a second successful one right up until they flew to the coast for the winter. Using my photography, I’ll take you on that May through October journey complete with tender moments, frightening moments, and incredible loon behavior.


A mini- visit would consist of the following:

  • One, one hour long session
  • I will bring a laptop and projector.  The facility would agree to provide extra extension cords, a presentation table, a screen to project on, and a microphone if needed.

Rates:  Please contact me for rates on mini-presentations as they vary depending on the venue and distance.  

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Book Signings

I am available for book signings as my schedule allows, especially if it is paired with an all day or mini presentation.

 Skype Visits

I will gladly book free, 30-45 minute Q & A Skype visits if my schedule allows.  My only requirement is that the classroom has read one of the Cooper and Packrat books from the series beforehand.

Longer Skype Visits can also be arranged and would include:

  • Showing my first published book from 6th grade
  • Showing wildlife photos of loon, eagles, fox and bear from my hands-on research while writing and editing Cooper and Packrat
  • Reading Chapter One from any of Cooper and Packrat’s mysteries.
  • Students demonstrate their best loon calls
  • Question and answer session

Rate for a 45 min to one hour Skype visit: $150